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Triunfo Speaks at Oak Park Community Garden’s Drip Irrigation Workshop


On Saturday, October 23, Triunfo Water & Sanitation District joined the Master Gardeners of Ventura County at the Oak Park Community Garden to help educate participants in the importance of water conservation and the benefits and techniques of drip irrigation. Triunfo representative Sandy Warren provided a brief overview of Ventura County’s drought status, Triunfo’s water supply situation, and the permanent and Stage 1 watering restrictions currently in effect.

Master Gardener Kathleen Doran then gave the morning’s primary presentation on the basics of drip irrigation. She focused on the various factors that come into play when designing a drip system, including soil types, area to be covered, local weather specifics, and the type, size, and watering requirements of specific plant varieties. Triunfo Water & Sanitation District is committed to educating customers about various aspects of their water and wastewater service.

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