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Sewer Service

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

The Triunfo Water & Sanitation District manages a network of 120 miles of sewer pipelines, which includes six pump stations and four miles of pressurized pipelines. The majority of these pipes ultimately connect to the Tapia Wastewater Reclamation Facility, which is jointly owned by the Las Virgenes-Triunfo Joint Powers Authority (JPA), and has a treatment capacity of 16 million gallons per day. Additionally, the Triunfo Water & Sanitation District is responsible for maintaining 10,826 sewer service connections, of which 85% are residential, 10% are retail, and 5% are commercial.


Sewer Service Fees

Fees for sewer service are collected through Ventura County property tax assessments.

New Sewer Connections / Improvements

To apply for new sewer connections or to make sewer-related building improvements, download the Triunfo Sewer Improvement Worksheet Form

Wastewater Treatment

Through its partnership with Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, Triunfo Water & Sanitation District provides wastewater collection and treatment services to more than 30,000 people.

Wastewater treatment includes screening, grit removal, primary and secondary clarification, aeration, tertiary filtration, disinfection, and de-chlorination.

Tapia Water Reclamation Facility

Triunfo treats its customers’ wastewater at the Tapia Water Reclamation Facility in Calabasas through its JPA partnership with Las Virgenes Municipal Water District. Using a tertiary (three-stage) process, wastewater treatment at Tapia duplicates and accelerates physical and biological processes found in nature.

Tapia has a capacity to process up to 16 million gallons of wastewater per day (MGD) and currently averages about 9.5 MGD. Advanced filtration and disinfection ensure that the treated water meets stringent water reuse standards and is environmentally safe for wildlife and vegetation.

Depending on the time of year, treated water from the Tapia facility is used for any or all of three purposes:

  1. Recycled water for irrigation of parks, school grounds and greenbelt areas;
  2. Recharging of local groundwater basins through spray fields;
  3. Discharge into Malibu Creek.

Click here to learn about the innovative Pure Water Project that will use water from Tapia to increase future supplies of high-quality drinking water for thousands of customers.

Tours of Tapia

To convey wastewater through miles of pipeline to the Tapia Water Reclamation Facility, a series of strategically placed lift stations is required. Using submersible pumps, these facilities “lift” (pump) sewage higher to allow it to continue its downhill journey through gravity-flow pipelines to the treatment plant.

Free tours of the Tapia Water Reclamation Facility are offered quarterly by the Triunfo/Las Virgenes Joint Powers Authority. Sign up for event notifications

Community Compost Program

Also part of the Joint Powers Authority is the Rancho Las Virgenes Composting Facility. For more than 20 years, this facility has converted wastewater biosolids into a useful, nutrient-rich soil amendment. This compost is available to the public free of charge through the Community Compost Program.

Our Community Compost has earned the coveted “Class A, Exceptional Quality” rating from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This rating means that our compost has “unrestricted use” for flower, lawn, or vegetable gardens. Its excellent organic soil conditioning properties aid water retention in light soils and it helps to break up and aerate heavier soils, so less watering is needed.

Our Community Compost contains both readily available and long-term, slow-release nutrients for greener plants. A blend of processed biosolids and wood chips, the Community Compost is comparable to garden amendments sold at some local stores and it’s the choice of many experienced gardeners and professional landscapers.

Compost Hours, Location, and Reservations

Go to the Rancho JPA Community Compost site for the latest details on hours, loading, containers, and contact information.