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Student Art Calendar Contest

2024 Student Art Calendar Contest

Theme: "Being Water Wise is..."

The contest deadline for the 2024 Student Calendar has passed. Many thanks to those who participated. Winners will be announced late summer 2023. TWSD will inform all participants when winners have been announced.

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which supplies the potable water used by customers of Triunfo Water & Sanitation District, invites Oak Park Unified School District students (K-12) to participate in the 2024 Student Art Calendar contest. This is an annual program that offers students the opportunity to submit original water-related artwork for potential publication in a widely distributed, professionally printed calendar, along with a digital library.


Monday, May 22, 2023

This contest is open to Oak Park Unified School District students, K-12.

The theme for 2024 is “Being Water Wise Is …” This means wise and efficient water use inside and outside of the home, at school, in the community, in business and industry, in agriculture, and in recreation. The importance of clean and reliable water to public health has been made even more clear over the past few years. This theme of water conservation and stewardship should be reflected in the artwork.

  1. All digital and traditional media artwork must be original. Do not submit artwork with traced, trademarked, or copyrighted slogans or images (i.e. cartoon characters, logos, advertising taglines, etc.)
  1. Artwork may depict climate change or various conservation and water wise use:
    • inside or outside of the home or school
    • in industries or businesses
    • in the environment (nature)
    • in agriculture
    • in recreation
    • cleanliness/proper hygiene
  1. “Being Water Wise Is …” is the overall theme. A short water message must be written on the artwork (not necessarily the words of the theme/topic).
  1. Good examples of conservation: turning off the water while brushing your teeth or taking short showers.
  1. Good examples of stewardship: protecting the water from pollution or collecting rainwater in buckets and reusing it to water plants.
  1. Art with misspelled words will not be selected.
  1. Bold, bright, brilliant colors show up the best. Students may use the following art media: digital art, crayons, markers, pencils, paints, watercolors, chalk, cut paper or fabric. Digital art must be saved in 300dpi or higher. More submission instructions below.
  1. Contest facilitators reserve the right to question or disqualify any artwork that is clearly not the work of the student based on their age and grade level.

Submission Instructions

Teachers/parents/guardians: please contact Becky Haycox at [email protected] if you have questions, and when you are ready to submit your student’s artwork. We will provide appropriate submission forms, artwork scanning guidelines, and any other assistance you may need. Artwork must be submitted to Triunfo Water & Sanitation District by May 22, 2023. Note: this deadline has passed. TWSD will inform all participants when winners have been selected and announced. Announcements will be made late summer 2023. 

Judging and Notification

Metropolitan will select 36 digital art files to be displayed and represented in the District’s 2024 “Being Water Wise Is…” calendar and digital library. Selected artists will be honored at the annual recognition ceremony in December (date TBD). Triunfo Water & Sanitation District will alert all entrants as to the outcome of the contest.

All art becomes the property of Metropolitan and the participating member/retail agency. Metropolitan and the participating agency have the right to use any selected art for the “Being Water Wise Is…” calendar, promotional items and/or for other public relations use. This includes but is not limited to Metropolitan’s website, social media, and reproduction of copies on such items as t-shirts, stickers, postcards, etc.

2023 Student Art Calendar Contest

Theme: "Water is Life"

Triunfo made this program available to students in the Oak Park Unified School District in three grade-level divisions: elementary (K-5), middle school (6-8), and high school (9-12) and received five submissions.

The Triunfo Board voted to send all five to Metropolitan for consideration in their final judging. Below, you can see one of our  students was a winner! You can also see all the wonderful entries from our district.

Click to see the 2023 Metropolitan Water Calendar

WINNER! Delilah Bovatsek

Grade 1 – Brookside Elementary School

Artwork by Delilah Bovatsek, a second grader at Brookside Elementary School in Oak Park, was selected by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) to appear in its 2023 print calendar and digital library.

Congratulations and thank you to Delilah and the rest of these young artists for helping spread the word about the importance of using water wisely!

Marco Aliling

Grade 2 – Oak Hills Elementary School

Micah Aliling

Grade 4 – Oak Hills Elementary School

Ellington Massey

Grade 2 – Brookside Elementary School

Eve Zhong

Grade 6 – Medea Creek Middle School