Triunfo Hosts A Successful Drip Irrigation Workshop


As part of its commitment to educating customers about their water service, Triunfo Water & Sanitation District hosted a Drip Irrigation Workshop on Saturday, October 2 at Mae Boyar Park. Four members of the Master Gardeners of Ventura County were on hand to instruct participants in the benefits and techniques of drip irrigation and to walk them through a hands-on demonstration. Triunfo Board member Janna Orkney welcomed those in attendance and provided a brief overview of the District’s automated meter reading system, which enables homeowners to track their water use in real time to help them conserve water and save money.

Kathleen Doran, a Master Gardener since 2015, then led the group through the basics of drip irrigation, including the various components available to construct a system quickly and cost effectively. She also focused on multiple factors that come into play when designing a drip irrigation system, including soil types, area to be covered, local weather specifics, and the type, size, and watering requirements of specific plant varieties. For the second half of the workshop, participants broke into small groups and practiced assembling a working drip irrigation system, complete with various tubing sizes and different types of emitters.

Triunfo looks forward to sponsoring additional educational workshops for its customers. Past topics have included ocean-friendly gardens, turf replacement, and fire-wise landscaping. Sign up to be notified of future classes and important Triunfo news!

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