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New Water Rules Create New Habits for Oak Park Residents


Due to the historic drought, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has required that residents who depend on water from the State Water Project limit watering outdoors to one day per week to reduce non-essential water use significantly.  For many Oak Park residents, this means reimagining their lawns and irrigation systems to save water and money.

After hearing about the updated restrictions, Oak Park resident Dalia Kenig realized that she would need to rethink her yard and irrigation system. After getting rid of the grass on her lawn, she was able to take hundreds of dollars off of her monthly water bill. Even better, the remaining lawn is still green because Kenig closely follows the once-a-week watering rule and is installing a drip irrigation system to deliver water drop-by-drop to targeted areas.

According to the EPA, outdoor irrigation accounts for up to 70 percent of a family’s daily water use. Customers are asked to voluntarily pick a day in the week to do their outdoor watering. Customers are also encouraged to take advantage of water conservation rebates, including high-efficiency toilets and clothes washers, smart irrigation controllers, soil moisture sensors, rain barrels and cisterns, and sprinkler nozzles, plus rebates on converting lawns to drought-tolerant landscapes.

Customers who do not comply with the district’s water use restrictions are subject to penalties, including a written warning, fines from $100 to $250 (per violation), or installation of a flow restricting device in the case of multiple violations. Triunfo’s water metering system is fully automated, and district staff can access real-time usage data for all customer accounts. Sign up today to track your usage!

Click here for more information on water usage guidelines.

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