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New Toilet Leak Sensor Pilot Program for Multi-Family Properties


Owners and managers of commercial and multi-family properties will want to take note of a new Toilet Leak Sensor Pilot Program. The program offers a 50% rebate on the installation of a toilet leak-detection monitoring system including the first year of monitoring – up to $15,000 per property!

The goal of the Pilot Program is to gather more data to develop a firm water savings estimate resulting from the installation of toilet leak sensors for multi-family and other multi-unit properties (hotels, dorms, etc.). This program will support water use efficiency in multi-unit buildings by minimizing the amount of water lost to toilet leaks, which can be substantial.

The hardware consists of a sensor attached to the water supply of each toilet, network repeaters, and a gateway that sends data to cloud storage. A computer application shows water use in real time and alerts to any leaks as they occur. The system detects different types of leaks, so maintenance staff can quickly address them.

Click here for more information and to apply for the program.

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