Become a pro at water conservation with Triunfo’s Automated Water System


Triunfo has taken steps to make it easy for Oak Park residents to track their water usage. Currently the only district in Ventura County where 100 percent of its potable water customers have meters installed on their property. The meters enable customers to monitor their water use in real-time and set alarms to warn of excessive consumption. Customers can review their previous two years of water usage and figure out how much they need to reduce. Every four hours, the meters transmit data to collection towers in the Oak Park area. The data is then downloaded to the district’s census analytics system. The meter readings are used to generate customer water bills. Customers can log in to their secure online account to see how much water they are using. They can also set up alerts if water use goes over certain thresholds. Alerts can be received by text or email.

Click here and set up a customer portal. Once signed up, customers will be able to access their water data immediately.

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