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In our efforts to keep customers informed of issues that affect their water service, Triunfo Water & Sanitation District offers answers to frequently asked questions.

Why does my water bill continue to go up even though I'm using less water?

  • Triunfo's costs to operate and maintain the water system have continued to rise. These include the wholesale cost of water that we purchase as well as costs for electricity, supplies, and other operating expenses. Simultaneously, and resulting in even greater cost impact, is the fact that water use continues to drop in Triunfo's service area in response to California's water picture, and resulting water conservation goals.
  • Despite the reduction in customer water use, our fixed operaitng costs remain constant. With fewer units of water over which to spread these expenses, the unit cost of water increases.

What is the "meter charge" on my water bill?

  • It supports the cost of operating and maintaining the District's water metering system. To help maintain revenue stability, the cost is fixed for all customers depending on the size of their meter.

If you have specific quesions regarding your water service, please visit the Water Service section of this website or call us at (800) 613-0901.