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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Triunfo Sanitation District Board of Directors will hold its Regular Meeting on Monday, February 26, 2018, 5:15 p.m. at the Oak Park Library (Film & Lecture Room 102), 899 N. Kanan Road, Oak Park, California. The business to be transacted is as follows:


The Board agenda is posted at least 72 hours preceding the Board meeting, and contains all items on which Board action will be allowed pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.2. Action will be taken on unanticipated items only when an emergency (as defined in Government Code Section 54956.5) exists or as otherwise allowed under Government Code Section 54954.2(b). In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special accommodation/assistance to participate in a District event, please call the California Relay Service TDD line at (800) 735-2929 or the Clerk of the Board at (805) 658-4642 at least 48 hours prior. Notification prior to the meeting will enable the District to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to participate. Copies of individual reports may be requested from the Clerk of the Board or viewed on the District’s website, www.triunfosanitation.com.

 1.   Call to Order, Roll Call

 2.   Pledge of Allegiance - The Pledge of Allegiance will be recited at the Triunfo Public Facilities Corporation meeting preceding this meeting.

 3.   Agenda Review (General Manager/Board of Directors) - Consider and approve, by majority vote, minor revisions to the Board agenda items or related attachments and any item added to, removed from, or continued from the Board agenda.

 4.   Public Comment (Items not on the agenda – 5 minute limit) - In accordance with Government Code Section 54953(a), this is an opportunity for members of the public to briefly address the Board on items NOT on the agenda. Persons wishing to comment on agenda items should complete a speaker card and submit it (preferably before the meeting) to the Clerk. The Chairman will then recognize them at the appropriate time. Once recognized, persons should step to the podium, clearly state their name and address for the record, and address the item being considered in as brief, clear, and concise a manner as possible.

CONSENT ITEMS (Item 5 only) – Matters listed under Consent Items are considered to be routine, non-controversial, and are normally approved by one motion. If discussion is requested by a member of any of the Board on any Consent Item, or if a member of the public wishes to comment on an item, that item may be removed from Consent Agenda for separate action.

 5.   Approval of Minutes: January 22, 2018 Regular Meeting

ACTION ITEMS (Items 6 through 10)

 6.   Support of the Calleguas/Las Virgenes Intertie Project 

     It is recommended the Board:

     A.   Accept the presentation from CMWD; and

     B.   Review and authorize the Chair to sign the Letter of Support; or

     C.   Provide staff with alternative direction.

 7.   Video Taping of TSD Board Meetings

     It is recommended the Board:

     A.   Discuss making meeting videos available on the TSD website,

     B.   Evaluate the associated costs noted above, and

     C.   Direct staff accordingly.

 8.   Finance Options and Rate Impacts for the Pure Water Project

     It is recommended the Board:

     A.   Determine what funding level the Board wants to target for the Pay Go contribution; and

     B.   Review and discuss the funding options provided and the associated rate impacts; and

     C.   Direct staff to initiate a Proposition 218 process to support the appropriate wastewater service fee rate adjustment; or

     D.   Provide staff with alternative direction.

 9.   Board of Directors Deferred Compensation Plan Review Update

     It is recommended the Board provide direction to recover the unpaid plan contribution from its Board members or not.

10.  Triunfo Sanitation District Year in Review 2017

      It is recommended the Board:

      A.   Consider the creation of a TSD “Year in Review” promotion for 2017;

      B.   Evaluate the options noted in the staff report, and, if appropriate, select the preferred communication channel(s);

      C.   Determine if this should be an ongoing project for which staff makes plans during the year; and

      D.   Direct staff accordingly.

INFORMATION AGENDA (Items 11 through 21) – It is recommended the Board receive and file the following items:

11.  Disbursements: January 2018

12.  Investment Report: January 2018

13.  Revenue & Expense Report: January 2018

14.  Oak Park Water Service Update

15.  Water Conservation Report: January 2018

16.  Statewide Water Supply Conditions Report: February 19, 2018

17.  TSD WebsiteGoogle Analytics Report

18.  Water Conservation Customer Rebate Program

19.  Triunfo Sanitation District Fiscal Year 2018-2019 (FY 2019) Budget Schedule

20.  Records Retention

21.  Future Meetings, Seminars and Conferences:

  • Feb. 24 10:00 a.m. – OPUSD Sustainability Fair, Oak Park High School
  • Feb. 27-Mar.1 – ACWA Washington D.C. Conference
  • Mar. 5, 5:00 p.m. – JPA Meeting (at Oak Park Library)
  • Mar. 25-17 WateReuse California Annual Conference, Monterey
  • Mar. 26, 5:15 p.m. – TSD Regular Board Meeting (Oak Park Library)
  • Apr. 2, 5:00 p.m . – JPA Meeting (at LVMWD)
  • Apr. 11 – CASA WateReuse California Public Policy Forum, Sacramento
  • Apr. 23, 5:15 p.m. – TSD Regular Board Meeting (Oak Park Library)

ORAL REPORTS – (Items 22 through 25)

22.  Standing Committee Reports:

  • Finance Committee
  • Recycled Water / Pure Water Project Committee
  • Public Outreach / Communications Committee

23.  Board Member Comments - This is an opportunity for Board members to briefly comment on matters they deem appropriate to the business of TSD. A Board member may ask a question of staff for clarification, make a brief announcement, or make a brief report on his or her own activities related to the TSD. A Board member may also provide a reference to staff or other resources for factual information, or request staff to report back to the Board at a subsequent meeting concerning a matter related to TSD business. The Board may also direct staff to place a matter of business on a future TSD Board agenda.

24.  Reports on Outside Meetings/Conferences

25.  General Manager, Legal Counsel Comments

CLOSED SESSION – (Item 26 only)


Pursuant to Government Code § 54956.9, subdivision (a) – Triunfo Sanitation District v. New Mission, LLC, Superior Court of the State of California, County of Ventura, Case No. 56-2017-00499222-CU-OR-VTA

ADJOURNMENT: Adjourn to next Regular Meeting to be held on Monday, March 26, 2018 at 5:15 p.m. at the Oak Park Library